Gerow Reece


Gerow Reece

Born in Hollywood (1938), Gerow didn’t exactly crawl or walk the “Pathway of the Stars.” He grew up in a proper, pious household tending first in his own direction when majoring in philosophy in a small college on the U.S. east coast where all four seasons could be experienced.

After college, he began Alternative Service (as a Kriegsdienst Verweigerer) in Germany and then in Austria at the time of the Cuban Crisis (1962).  In the mid-sixties, he traveled to Japan as part of his graduate study, initially sitting at Antaiji, in Kyoto, when Sawaki Kōdō was upstairs on his deathbed. During Gerow’s two years in Kyōto, he studied calligraphy with Morita Shiryū, finishing that period staying at Ryōkō-In where “The Six Persimmons” painting lives.

Gerow taught Asian Art History at a city college and ESL (English as a Second Language) in Los Angeles for many years, often sitting with a Japanese monk who taught zazen at a Sri Lankan Buddhist temple.

For more than twenty years, Gerow has been living, or at least sitting, at Jikōji with special interest in maintaining the landscape, offering ceremonial tea and giving an occasional workshop in brush calligraphy.

»Green tea is more than just a liquid that quenches thirst. It is a meditation, an insight into the harmony of nature that teaches us to live in harmony with the universe.«